How to draw faces

Drawing the face is one of the most difficult challenges in fashion illustration that every designer has to deal with. After you learned “How to draw profile face” in this tutorial you will master an easy technique to draw it from the front view. You won’t have to leave the face blank anymore. Go follow those simple steps and make her beautiful!

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 10min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 7.5/10

How to draw faces in 13 steps:

Step 1: The blueprint

Draw a circle and mark its center. Don’t push too hard with the pencil.

how to draw fashion face step 1

Step 2: Draw a second circle

Draw another one on top of it. The second circle should overlap the first one and touch its center. Put a Centerline for both the circles.

how to draw fashion face step 2

Step 3: Nose and chin

Slightly below the center of the first circle mark a dash. This indicates your model’s nose. Make the chin in the bottom-most part of the first circle.

how to draw fashion face step 3

Step 4: A feminine jaw

Draw a smooth and graceful line connecting the chin with the last point before the circle starts to narrow. Try not to splay the lines too much, keep them close to the blueprint.

how to draw fashion face step 4

Step 5: Mark the features

Finish the outline of the head by joining the circles. It the middle of the space between the nose and the chin draw a horizontal line. Draw two lines with about the same length as the mouth. Start from where the two circles cross each other and continue towards the Centerline. The space between the eyes should be approximately equal to the size of each eye.

how to draw fashion face step 5

Step 6: Eyes and lips guidelines

In the half-way between the nose and the mouth draw a short line indicating the upper lip. Put another line in half of the mouth-to-chin distance. A bit under the eyes you already marked draw parallel lines.

how to draw fashion face step 6

>You’ll add glamour to your illustration if you keep the eyes not too large and opened. Fashion faces love cat eyes. To learn more check the instructions on how to draw eyes for fashion sketches

Step 7: Draw the eyes

Close the eyes as shown. Stay away from the head outline. Draw a wide “U” where you marked the upper lip and repeat it upsized in the middle of the mouth Centerline.

how to draw fashion face step 7

Step 8: Draw beautiful lips

Smooth the eye’s sharp angles as shown. Finish the mouth. Use the marks you already have drawn and start from them. It looks better if you don’t pull the lines of the lower lip right to the mouth Centerline. You can draw the lips closed or slightly opened – it looks extra glamorous.

how to draw fashion face step 8

Step 9: Delicate nose

Draw the nose tips where you initially marked the nose. Hint the nose tip and the bridge.

how to draw fashion face step 9

Step 10: Cheekbones

Just under the lower lip put a short line that will indicate the chin. Draw the cheekbones pointing towards the nose. Keep soft and close to the eyes. The eyebrows will go up until they reach the blueprint circle and then curve however you want their shape to be.

how to draw fashion face step 10

Step 11: Draw the eyebrows

Divide the eye into three parts. Draw two half circles in the second 1/3 of the eye. Finish the eyebrows. Leaving them too fine they will make them look unnatural. Check “The importance of eyebrows in fashion design sketches” for examples of different types of eyebrows you can use for your models.

how to draw fashion face step 11

Step 12: Neck and ears

Put the ears starting from the eye line to the nose tip. The ear is frequently covered by hair, but you might need them. The necks of fashion illustration models are longer and thinner than normal. Start the neck from the line where the lower lip ends and make it at least half headlong. Finish her eyes. Put the makeup paying attention to the original shape of the eyes you’ve drawn.

how to draw fashion face step 12

Step 13: Draw the hair

Divide the forehead in 3 and fill the first part with hair. Be creative and give your beauty a lovely hairstyle of your liking! You might like the “How to draw curly hair” or “How to draw glam hairstyle” tutorials for your muse.

how to draw fashion face step 13
Different fashion faces

The same face base looks so different with different hairstyles. Try your own and have fun!

Did you enjoy this tutorial? If so, go click at the button bellow and enhance your skills further with my full online course on ‘How to Draw Faces‘!

It doesn’t look right! Common mistakes:

How to draw a fashion face error 1
How to draw a fashion face error 1 fixed

Mistake 1: The jaw starts too high and the face looks triangular. Start the jaw a little bit lower and make the lines soft, close to the guidelines.

How to draw a fashion face error 2
How to draw a fashion face error 2 fixed

Mistake 2: The eyes are too separated. Always leave some space from the eyes outer corner to the head outline and distance equal to about one eye between the two.

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  1. this website is so helpfull for me as a fashion design student . Big thank you for the creator and designer of this page<3

  2. thank you very much it was helpful i am so excited with it ,i tried it &it was wonderful

  3. Hey! I was wondering what size of head I should do because I always do it too big or too small. I just your blog and I love it. It is really helping me understand things more.

  4. Fashion figures aren’t very realistic, and she did say that she would be drawing cat eyes. Also look at around at least 1/3 of models. THEY HAVE CAT EYES! You can of course experiment with doe like round eyes or something in between, but this is how she draws them. If you are looking for your own style draw it yourself. Don’t hate on someone who was kind enough to offer information that many would charge you a ridiculous amount for. Also the eyes look a lot better after they’ve been outlined in similar colors and colored. This is just a starting sketch. I actually think they look fine, just look a little too wide set but that fixes itself after being colored. Also don’t criticize someone else’s art and be so rude about it (constructive criticism is OK but yours is just poking fun and is basically the normal kind.) unless you are sure that you could get voted as being better at that specific thing 9 times out of 10. Even then its not the nicest thing to say, and will most likely only get you friends with high school mean girls. Trust me don’t go with them either, because they’ll generously inflict karma back on you even if they’re your “friends”. Please note all the other nice people who instead of saying they were “totally suckish” perhaps would have said, “Teya, could you perhaps not make the
    eyes like those of a cat and more rounded? I think this looks better, but I trust you know what style of eyes looks most appropriate in your sketches.. Thanks!”

  5. Think I just drew the ugliest Chinese stroke victim on the planet…..

    I’m just kidding,it came out looking quite good. The lesson is great and opened a huge door to creativity for me and I don’t think it will take but a few tries to become comfortable with following this format…I love it.

  6. U r really gr8
    I’ve just started a new blog about cr8ing fashion but drawing facial features and everything is just to hard 4 me :sad:

  7. [quote name=”Avalon”]Does the height of the head matter? Or is there a height that you like to use for it?[/quote]
    Every artist has his/her own style for drawing it. Usually the body is about 9-10 heads tall.

  8. Does the height of the head matter? Or is there a height that you like to use for it?

  9. Wow! I love this website so much! I was able to draw a perfect model. I am a fashion designer, and this really helped me draw models! ;-)

  10. [quote name=”leah”]ti was a very gr8 tuorial but i don’t get why you have to do those squareish eys could i do round :lol: ;-) :-| :P :roll: :lol: :o :D[/quote]

    This tutorial shows just one of the many ways you could draw faces in fashion illustration.
    Of course you can experiment and find your own way! :)

  11. ti was a very gr8 tuorial but i don’t get why you have to do those squareish eys could i do round :lol: ;-) :-| :P :roll: :lol: :o :D

  12. not as realistic as i thought it would be, :-* but its fashion drawing so i guess it doesnt have to be realistic. ;-)

  13. I never thought in a million years I could be able to draw a face that looks some-what realistic! This is so awesome. I just need some practice on the hair :sigh:

  14. [quote name=”I Draw Fashion”]Yes, Jua. It’s the same.
    You can always vary with sizes, but I use this proportions for my figures[/quote]
    That’s interesting :) Thank you!

  15. The size of this head is the same with the oval shape we made at first to measure the body?

  16. those eyes u guese drew r totally suckish for sure they look like freakin eyes of a cat

  17. [quote name=”priya”]hi..i found this tutorial very helpful.. :-) :-) ..but can u plz give a tutorial on side view, up and down and other view of faces from different angles cos using this technique i can draw only front view of faces.. :roll: ;-)[/quote]

    Sure, Priya. I plan to release all the things you mention! I do my best to upload a new tutorial every week, so keep in touch and thanks for coming by:)

  18. hi..i found this tutorial very helpful.. :-) :-) ..but can u plz give a tutorial on side view, up and down and other view of faces from different angles cos using this technique i can draw only front view of faces.. :roll: ;-)

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