Week 8 /52 – Animal Print

Welcome to Week 8: Romantic Wedding

Welcome to Week 8 of our LookBook challenge! This week, it’s all about unleashing your creativity with animal prints and inspiration. Your task is to design not only the dress but also the accompanying accessories to complete your dream look. From fierce tigers to delicate butterflies, explore the untamed beauty of all types of animals and bugs – crocodiles, snakes, ladybugs, giraffes and so much more! Join our a wild fashion adventure and let’s draw! 🐾

How It Works:

Download the Template: Click on the button to grab your canvas.

Complete the Look: Design an animal print that’s uniquely yours. Think outside the box with prints like butterflies, tigers, zebras, snakes, ladybugs, crocodiles, and more!

Follow the Theme: Capture the essence of romance with your designs, focusing on soft silhouettes, intricate lacework, and dreamy embellishments.

Examples to Spark Ideas:

  • combine patterns: Picture a fierce dress adorned with bold tiger stripes mixed with ….cow print! Could you make it work?
  • Butterfly colors: Color the dress in delicate butterfly themed patterns and shades never seen before.
  • Zebra Chic: Can you make the classic black and white zebra stripes look fresh and new? How?

Join the challenge and let your creativity roar! 🌟 Submit your creations via the form below, and show off your unique animal print designs!

Upload Your Design:

Accepted file formats include .jpg or .png. Ensure that the file size is under 2 MB; if larger, kindly downscale it at tinypng.com and attempt to submit again. In case of submission issues, feel free to send your sketch to [email protected].

Upload your Design

Download Week #8 FREE Template

Get the template & complete the look:

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Week 8 /52 - Animal Print 2 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

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