Week 9 /52 -Babydoll

Welcome to Week 9: Babydoll Dress

This week, it’s all about designing adorable babydoll dresses that exude youthful charm and playful vibes. Complete the template with your interpretation of a dress above the knee, with a wide silhouette from the bust down, and featuring either short sleeves or delicate straps. The color palette is pastel colors – powder blue, light pink, soft yellow, and purple. Add some frills, ribbons, and playful patterns to capture the essence of Lolita. Join us on this fun and whimsical journey! 🌸

How It Works:

βœ… Download the Template: Click on the button to grab your canvas.

βœ… Complete the Look: Complete the Look: Sketch your adorable babydoll dress design, focusing on pastel colors and playful details.

βœ… Follow the Theme: Embrace the carefree and youthful spirit of babydoll fashion, incorporating frills, ribbons, and playful patterns.

Examples to Spark Ideas:

  • Fabric choices: Think about incorporating delicate lace or floral patterns into your design to enhance its charm.
  • Large Sleeves: Experiment with different sleeve styles, such as puffed sleeves or cap sleeves, to add personality to your dress.
  • Details: Consider adding a ribbon belt or bow detail to accentuate the waistline and add a touch of whimsy.

Join the challenge and let your creativity bloom! 🌟 Submit your adorable babydoll dress designs via the form below!

Upload Your Design:

Accepted file formats include .jpg or .png. Ensure that the file size is under 2 MB; if larger, kindly downscale it at tinypng.com and attempt to submit again. In case of submission issues, feel free to send your sketch to [email protected].

Upload your Design

Download Week #9 FREE Template

Get the template & complete the look:

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Week 9 /52 -Babydoll 2 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

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