My Family doesn’t have money

So here is another question that people often times ask me:  “I really want to become a fashion designer but my family doesn’t have finances to support me”.

Not all young talents are lucky enough to be born in rich homes. If your family has finantial struggles and they don’t have the money to support your dream, please don’t be discouraged.

I want you to understand very well the following concept:

There are two currencis in this world: time and money. If you don’t have money,? you’ll just need to spend double the time . Makes sense, right?

Now here is what you can do to improve your drawing and designing skills without spending any money:

1. Practice every single day

Cut the time you spend scrolling on Instagram and use it to draw instead. If you’re not drawing at least 2hours every day, you’re not putting enough effort in your dream.

2. Don’t just draw, LEARN!

If you simply draw the same stuff you were drawing yesterday your improvement come slowly. Identify the areas that challenge you the most (drawing the face, hands, folds etc.). Then go on the web and follow these free drawing tutorials and videos that the internet is full of! Only at you can find hundreds of step-by-step tutorials that will help you improve your fashion sketching. Explore Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram. Don’t leave a single tutorial that you haven’t done with your own hands.

3. Find a mentor

If you can’t afford to spend money? on sewing or drawing classes you will need to spend what? That’s right, TIME ⏰! So here is what you need to do: go ask people around you if they know someone who sews professionally. Put a big, nice smile on your face and go introduce yourself to this person. Ask them if they would allow you to help them with their work. Be polite and humble because a kind and dedicated personality is the key to make them want you around. Don’t ever ask them to pay you! Remember that the exchange is that they will teach you a new skill and you will pay them with your time.
Be patient. In the beginning, you will probably do only silly tasks, but with time they will trust you with more and more. It will take maybe a year or two, but you will eventually learn the skills that other people pay money to learn.

4. Go Social

Make sure everyone around you knows what you’re passionate about. Offline and online. Display your fashion sketches in social media as much as you can. Make a special page where you will publish your drawings and post at least 3 times a week. If you do it constantly the moment when someone notices you is just a matter of time.

And my most important tip of all!

I want you to promise that you will stop complaining that you don’t have money and commit to doing the best to your abilities each and every day. The lack of money is not what will make you fail. The only thing that can make you fail is your lack of dedication to success. Put an effort and you’ll soon see results!

I want to see you achieve great things! Let me know in the comments if you have other questions and I will answer them in the next Q&A.

Love you!

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Always give attribution and a link to I Draw Fashion.

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  1. Hi,
    Is it important to color the fashion illustration? Can I do it only with pencil and give it in social media?

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