Which are the best coloring tools?

In this Q&A post we quickly will discuss how to find out the best coloring tools for your fashion sketches, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

It is always a matter of personal preference and how comfortable you feel working with the media, but most fashion designers use one of the following 3 to render their illustrations:

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are easy to use and a very affordable option. You don’t need any special instructions to use them, but for more polished results you might want to check the “Color with colored pencils” tutorial. More expensive brands will give you slightly better wuality of the color.

Budget-friendly: 10/10
Beginner-friendly: 9/10
Professional look: 4/10
Teya’s score: 6/10


Markers are a bigger investment, but the results you are going to get are way more professional than what most people can achieve with pencils. If you like polished look without too much effort– this is for you! My personal favorite brand is Copic markers – they have hundreds of beautiful colors to choose from and I just loved every moment of drawing with Copics.

Budget-friendly: 4/10
Beginner-friendly: 9/10
Professional look: 9/10
Teya’s score: 10/10


Watercolors are amazing if you know what you’re doing. The artwork will look modern and effortless and chances are that there will be people wanting to buy your sketches just because of their artistic qualities. Keep in mind that it will take longer to learn how to use watercolors properly. Always aim to keep the drawing airy and light.

Budget-friendly: 7/10
Beginner-friendly: 5/10
Professional look’: 10/10
Teya’s score 8/10

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