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  1. Hi…
    I visited your website for the first time and really liked it.
    I have just started learning Fashion Designing.
    I wanted to know if you have any App on Play Store ??

  2. How about a tutorial, that will guide us on the actual and perfect measurement for a croquis.
    I really love this website.

  3. How about templates etc for persons w disabilities…whether various wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, walkers, canes….

  4. Hi Teya I’m struggling to know how to draw velvet using colored pencil or marker pen can you please help it out

  5. Can you perhaps do a wedding dress tutorial, how to use white and showdowns with white, and how to put sequins on a white dress, could you also do a wedding dress tutorial with a blush color. Also I love you

  6. It’s tricky to draw hair from the side, mostly curly wavy hair.
    Or in general how to draw hair from different angles rather than
    Just forward. I can improvise at times but a guideline is much better! Thanks!

  7. Hi, I love your tutorials. They are really helpful. Is there anyway you can do a tutorial on how to draw a jacket slightly off of the shoulders or around the waist?


  8. Can you write a blog or make a tutorial on how to draw a wool coat? By the way I read all the blogs you post and they help me a lot to be creative and understand different techniques to get a beautiful sketch.
    Thanks Teya

  9. love this so much!!! can you do a tutorial on runway gowns and maybe how to draw a hair up do? thank you :)

  10. hello Teya
    I am in love with your work. Could you please do a video on how to draw tie and dye also known as adire here in Nigeria. Thanks in advance.

  11. please can you make a tutorial on how to draw ripped jeans, like the ones with threads across the rip. it would help me a lot!

  12. You are really amazing, I love all your designs and contest but could you please add to the contest and add some other tutorial like how to draw hair bun, velvet and glitter covered fabrics

  13. How to give glittering effect to an illustration. Like sprinkled sequin or something? Thanks for asking for suggestions. Best wishes.

  14. I would Like to have a Prom Dress tutorial! I think it would be helpful for sketching beautiful gowns!

  15. Hi Teya Love Love your website. Can you give a tutorial on “ROSE GOLD” big trend of the moment. Rose gold metal jewelry, rose gold satin fabric, and rose gold leather.
    Thanks LG

  16. Hi Teya I really really really love your work! ??? And I love this website sooooo much!! ❤?? Thank you so much for sharing your skills and ideas with us.
    I would love to see a “how to draw a gown” tutorial. Different types of gowns like ball gowns, weddind gowns, prom dresses, high and low gowns etc.
    Thank you! ☺

  17. This is not a tutorial suggestion, but just a normal suggestion. I think that it would be a good idea for when you do fashion contests, give everyone a deadline to submit their designs and THEN let people vote on them with a voting deadline as well. That way, whether you submit your design on the first day or the last, we all have an equal chance of getting at lot of votes. You do not have to do this, but I think that it would be a fairer way of doing contests. By the way, I love your site, it has helped me so much with my design skills, thank you so much for making it!

  18. How about a tutorial how to draw young children, tweens, and teens? I think that would be quite useful to many of us designers, it would most certainly help me because most of my young people end up looking like 20-year-olds that have been shrunken down.

  19. I would LOVE a tutorial on how to draw velvet. I looked through you’re tutorials, and didn’t see one. If it’s there sorry, I guess I missed it. ?

  20. hey !!! loved d way you are providing tutorials. as i am from INDIA can you help me to create indian wedding outfit or any indian dresses will be a great help ….god bless you keep going
    love, <3 :)
    loveleen ,INDIA

  21. Hlo mam… I am searching for the internship … Recently i m persuing bsc in fashion designing( this is my last) … Mam if u suggest me…i will be greatfull to u..:-)

  22. OMG, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! You know what would make it better? A tutorial on how to draw a crop top, studded patterns, and a handbag. K THX!!

    The inspired student,
    Jasmin Brien

  23. hi… I LOVEE your work I sometimes come to the site just tu watch tutorials hh I never knew how to draw models and when I saw this site I was lik *o* anyways could you make a tutorial how to draw eyebrows and a back view pose but face looking over the sholder (like on a main pisture in the back view pose tutorial) that would be amazing, thank you
    p.s. sorry for my english I’m from Croatia so there must be several mistakes hh
    ly, Laura

  24. 2 things: 1. it helps to know the theory behind color wheel, color illusions etc. i read your article on color theory, it was great but if you can go in depth, that would be even greater
    2. i am currently interested in bridal design, so if you could do a tutorial on designing and drawing bridal gowns, i would appreciate it

  25. You are doing a great job with this site and helping thousands of people to mold their dreams of becoming a designer. Please I am a modest fashion designer; kindly help with tutorials on headscarves, kimono jackets, kaftan/abaya, long maxi skirts, shirts e t c.
    I know I am asking for too much, but please it will be a huge help if you are able to do this. Hugs

  26. Dear Teya,
    I love to draw fashion figures but I’m always drawing the same poses. Can you please make a tutorial on how to draw fashion figures in different views and angles? It’ll help me a lot.
    And by the way, I love your website and your works, soo beautiful!

  27. Hi there!

    Is it possible for you to do tutorials on bags, hats, sunglasses and shoes ( And more! ) but without being on a model? Pretty please. :) :P

  28. Hi Teya, I would really like to know the right way to draw a smock/peasant dress and blouse kind of struggling with it, thx

  29. hi Teya, please can you do a step by step tutorial on how to draw a long kimono and a short kimono. Thanks.

  30. Hi! Teya can you please make a tutorial on how to draw fashion figure in motion.

  31. Hi, your tutorials are really helpful. I’d love to see a how to draw glitter fabric tutorial

  32. Hello, how about a puffy or regular blouse tutorial? And maybe some tips on drawing different types of sleeves (bat sleeves, side, etc). Your website helped me a lot! Thanks.

  33. Hello.. Im an entrepreneur .I run a small clothing in india.i have some problem in drawing embroidery fabric. Your website has been very inspiring.and I love your drawings if you could do ” How to draw embroidery fabric” specially on Indian materials.. That wud b very helpful.Thank you

  34. Tutorial for pleats would be awesome. They add a fun or sophisticated element to a design depending how you pair them with other clothes. Not only are there pleated skirts, you can pleat pretty much any clothing item. This will add creative potential to a design, and can be paired well with many outfits.

  35. Hi there. A tutorial on textured material would be great. I’m not sure how to reflect this? Thanks

  36. Can you put a tutorial of short pants and also I’m only 10 and I love this website its so easy!

  37. I would suggest some tutorials on various types of furs and patterns involving animal skin. Maybe a tutorial on pattern construction, and what thought process goes into designing your own patterns. Also, if you know how to sew…some sewing tutorials would be super duper amazing! Or some suggestions that involve resources for sewing. And then lastly, I would want a tutorial in Illustrator and Photoshop, and how you can use both entities as a place for you to enhance your designs.

  38. Hi, Teya hope you are good ,can you please give a tutorial for fashion template for different figures like hourglass,pear and apple if you don’t mind.

  39. How do you use manga studio to make your fashion illustrations and coloring look so nice?

  40. You are welcome, Flynn !
    This tutorial was requested many times and I hope it has helped many designers.
    There will be a whole “How to draw 3/4 view pose” tutorial soon. stay tuned !


  41. Dear Teya,
    I would be very appreciate for the new contest on different prints ideas. I would like to participate in it

  42. Can you do a tutorial on ombre hair? I think it would add a ton to my designs! Thanks so much!! :))

  43. You are very good teacher in addition to your art work. Love your tutorials.
    Would like to know how to do backgrounds for these sketches.
    Not necessarily pictorial background but rather color design and or patterns.
    Thanks so much

  44. Dear Teya,

    It’s me, Flynn, I wanna thank you for the 3/4 view face tutorial. It has really helped me a lot.

    I want another tutorial on how to draw the 3/4 view torso. I know you’ll do it and I really love your tutorials.

    Love, Flynn

  45. Hey,
    Can you make a tutorial on how to draw curly hair with a sweet heart neckline dress?

  46. How to draw fur jacket short and long fur sweaters long sleeve and short and fur coats long and short

  47. Dear Teya,
    could you please make one tutorial on how to draw half-turned models pose.
    I would also be very appreciate for tutorial on how to draw ballet flats side and back view,
    and for tutorial with one more mens pose (for example half-turned)

  48. Love this site. I need to illustrate a leather jacket. It doesn’t seem that different but having trouble getting it to read. Thanks

  49. I personally am trying to draw a young woman in a pose with her leg out behind her (one of those happy leg pops) and don’t know how the skirt should fold considering that it’s slightly longer than her knee. (I can’t for the life of me find anything that helps)

  50. Please could you do a tutorial on transparent garments e.g chiffon dresses and you can still see whats underneath.

  51. Hi! could you do a tutorial on how to draw studded biker boots or a studded jacket…emphasis on studs! thanks

  52. Hi, could you make some tutorials on how to use photoshop and a drawing tablet for drawing and sketching? Layers and all those tools.
    Thank you very much.

  53. Hey I love your web site. I’m so inspired. I love it. Can you do an tutorial on positioning the arms and legs? For example, how to draw the arms above the head and how to draw the legs curled up to the body.

  54. Can you please show a tutorial of how to draw a winked eye? Thank you!!!
    P.S. Your website is really useful and it is easy to follow :)

  55. Teya maybe should have tutorial on casual clothing such as T-shirts and regular jeans plus school clothing

  56. Hello,
    I want to first thank you for all the tutorials, they are great!
    Would you add a tutorial on how to draw crochet and knits? Also how to draw tulle.

    Thank you in advance!

  57. Hello, Please i will like a tutorial on hoe to modify the croquis to assume different poses using action lines and the balance line. Thank you

  58. Could you do a chevron fabric material tutorial ? i would really apriciate it thanks !!

    And other materials

  59. Dear Teya,I really appreciate your effort. Your website has been helpful and I have improved a lot. pls I will like to suggest that you do a tutorial on how to darw dinner wears or flats for ladys. Thanks.

  60. Hello, I would appreciate it very much if you did a tutorial on how to draw “knitwear” and all the different patterns you can do for knitting! Also – for all the different materials there may be, could you please do a “how to draw” of how they fall on the skin – for example, the way a flowing dress falls down next to the leg, the creases and folds. Hope you understand what i mean, thank you for the help so fair!

  61. Hi Teya, You r website really inspires me know I think I’ve improved my sketching because of you. I just wish you can add some tutorials on a Tiara, A bikini, Undergarments (Like underwear and bra) Some more jewellery, More hairstyles (Like a bun or short casual hair) And more goth options and men options

  62. That would help so much! Also maybe a tutorial on the basics of drawing clothes:)

  63. Hello Teya!
    I was hoping that you might be able to create a tutorial on different flowers, or drawing a flower crown. My friend wanted a bouquet drawn and I had no idea what to do!
    Thanks in advance!

  64. Hi could you do tutorial on how to prom dresses,lace up shoes,bows, some type of gothic clothing like hoop skirts or bell sleeves,necklaces or deffirent types of purses like clutches or mabey you could show how to fraw tweed. any of theese would be awsome would love if you could co one thanks! sorry about typeos and misspells i’m not a great typer.

  65. Hi I love all of your tutorials but I am only 12 years old so can make a tutorial on how to draw a toddler, kid and teenager model??

  66. can u please show how 2 draw an infinity scarf
    I love ur website it has helped me soo much

  67. Hi Teya,
    This website has helped me so much. But I think there is one thing that can make this better.
    Is there a a tutorial on how to draw a corsage? If not, please make a tutorial.
    Thank you so much! :D

  68. I love all your tutorials. They have helped me so much. Can you please make a tutorial on how to draw feathers. I want to be a fashion designer when I get older, so is there any advice you can give me? Thank you! :D

  69. I would love for you to have a tutorial on high tops.My drawings for high tops look horrible!

  70. Could you do a “How To draw a side view” because I have some major trouble with that.
    And maybe how to draw smiling lips, because I can do regular or frightned lips, but not smiling. (I would’ve suggested curly hair but you already have that xD)
    And maybe a “How To: draw a mermaid dress)

  71. Hi Teya, thanks for the lovely work you are doing. Believe me, you are making dreams come true. Please can you do a tutorial on how to sketch more styles of jackets like shaw collar, river collar just to mention a few. Also can you do a tutorial on a jumpsuit pleaseeeeeeee!. Thank you and God bless you and yours. Kisses

  72. Could you please do a tutorial on how to draw a prom dress and a red carpet dress?

  73. Please make a tutorial for drawing Swarovski crystal dress designs, the over the top, covered in crystals outfits burlesque stars, like Dita Von Teese or Dirty Martini would wear

  74. I would love to be able to do a jumper as in a fishermen’s knit styled one xxx

  75. can you make a tutorial about how to draw short and long rompers. They’re becoming a pretty big thing. Thank you.

  76. Could you please make one tutorial on how to draw model side view (for examle templates №25,6,12)

  77. Hi. I was hoping u could make a tutorial on drawing peplum and another one on how to draw a skater skirt

  78. I would live idea if you taught us how to draw roses as a accessory. It might be in hair or as part of outfit

  79. hey! i would like to see a tutorial about seing a body from different perspectives ( like “i am sitting and i al looking at a model walkin on high runway” )

  80. Please have more croquis, you deleted heaps :( could you please do a plain women standing with her hands by her side

  81. A tutorial on how to “modify” the original fashion croqui from your body parts tutorial into different poses.

  82. How to draw puffer trench coats/jackets please?This will be the most wanted tutorial out of all my suggestions actually.If you can’t,thx for trying

  83. How to draw more animal patterns like snake pattern?And leather jacket tutorial please,I’ve been wanting to draw a leather jacket on my designs since last year…Thank you :)

  84. Sooo I was maybe thinking a tutorial on how to draw ruffles/layers in a dress, something like a cocktail dress? That would be fabulous! Thank you!

  85. Thanks a lot! i will be waiting for your new tutorials! ^_^ they all are amazing to draw but i guess only i fail to do so ;-; sooo tough for me :lol: as im never good with lines and angles

  86. How to Draw a Tiara tutorial please <3 not crown but tiara :D
    how to draw wings
    also skinny jeans skirt
    jeans shots

    Thank you!

    Sammy c:

  87. I would love it if you taught us how to draw prom dresses and maybe side swept hair! Also could you teach us how to draw sweater material?

  88. Hello! I know you have a sequin tutorial, but, could you do one on glitter? I dislike the thought of using real glitter on a piece as it is very messy and you risk that chance of messing the whole thing up.

  89. All three tutorials are great, and pleaseee draw it as soon is possible. I like the most How to draw skirt. Thank you very much you have great and inspiring tutorials and ideas, i love them!

  90. Thank you for the fantastic ideas, loves !
    They are so inspirational – the next tutorial will be how to draw ears and then how to draw eyelashes! I hope these will be helpful. Then continuing with….. brocaide or 3/4 view face? Which one first?

  91. Can you please do a tutorial on how to draw model body? Templates are harder to draw. Thank you so much!!!

  92. I love all the drawings you do they are very helpful and inspiring to me and I wish you can do a tutorial on how to draw a bun is alright if you cant do it but I will like if you did

  93. Can you please do a tutorial on the sitting cross-legged position? Im close to mastering the other poses youve already taught. Pleaaase!

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