Top 10 Illustrations by Antonio Lopez

Antoni Lopez is a famous fashion artist, born in Puerto Rico. He lived until 1987 and was honored with the title “major fashion illustrator” by the “New York Times”. His illustrations were published in fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and others. Also, he has published books with his one of a kind fashio artwork and these books are still inspirations for many. Let’s see some of his most memorable pieces:

Top 10 Illustrations by Antonio Lopez:

Warm colors for a hot afternoon

Two girls are chilling in the summer afternoon. Thanks to the artist’s ability to work with colors, we get that warm, relaxing vibes. The illustration gives us the idea that the time has stopped. We can see that in the background too, where Antonio Lopes used a collage technique.

Wild lines

The more you are looking at the illustration, the more details and figures you see. The cat, the woman, her skin, the cat on her hand, all these illusions take you to another world. Check out my “How to draw zebra print” tutoial if you feel like drawing something similar today.

Dancing colors

This elegant figure of a pretty girl is so interesting to look at and explore. The combination of cold purple shades with red and yellow is bold and unusual. It makes this illustration stand out.

Black silhouette with white lines

Here we see two stylish fashion ladies. Their large solft hair contasts with the clean lines of the coats. Notice how Antono Lopez shows the detailing in the black coats. Using white gel pen is a trick that will help you show details in any dark garment.

Rays in the mirror

Two figures become four in the mirror and they all look amazing. In all illlustrations Antonio Lopez creates, he always tells us a story. Story by the colors, by the print on the clothes, by the background.

Details meet basics

Details make the difference! We can admire this creativity and patiece to create something like this. A beautiful combination of simplicity and detail in the jacket of the girl. The artist depicts the shapes by simply using lines, and no shades. Impressive!

Flat color right next to detailed skin

The story here is clear, but the way Lopez tells it is amazing. He combines in these silhouettes colors, shades, emotions, details, and simplicity. For a second we are in these girl’s world and we want to stay there for a little longer.

Healthy tan

The whole illustration has a pink-orange overlay tone. Even the blue color here is a part of the warm vibe of the illustration. All we see is long legs, thin figures, and eyes we adore.

Foreground VS Background

Commercial or not, this illustration is simply making us go wild and free like these two. Wind in their hair, recreated by the movement of the lines. We enjoy these clean shades of the colors, skillfully drawn outlines and beautiful details in the background. This is a masterpiece.

Lifestyle in shapes

Just an ordinary day. The world seems so pretty and casual when we look at these two ladies chilling in the comfort of their home.

Antonio Lopez is one of the greatest fashion illustrators of his time. If you liked his works, you can also see others in his generation in the upcomming article “Top 5 fashion illustrators from the 80s”. By then, feel free to explore the other TOP fashion illustrations articles here.

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