Top 12 zodiac fashion illustrations

Top 12 zodiac fashion illustrations

Did you ever think that the zodiac can be fashionable? No? Then continue to watch dear friends. The topic today is zodiac and fashion. And trust me, these illustrations can be so beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing. Did I say that they are sexy too? Ops, I’ll stop talking and let all of you scroll down.


So realistic, aluring, and beautiful. This illustration is just awesome! I love the highlights in her skin, the way the author illustrated the makeup and the tatoo detail.

Illustration by: Kirstie Eleanor Design


Shamekh manages to make his fashion illustrations look like they’re drawn on paper. He can get inspired by almost everything and when you see his illustrations, you will always identify him. In this particular illustration, I really like the model’s skin shade. If you too liked it and wanna learn how to render the skin of your models, just click here.

Illustration by: Shamekhbluwi


Boys? Why not. Tiny is inspired by Korean boys and she makes them look so handsome, by using soft and delicate colors. Men are not always easy to draw in fashion sketches and many designers struggle with this. I’ve created this free tutorial to help you draw men figures.

Illustration by: Tiny Thanh Truc


Wow, wow, wow! So gorgeous! His art is very close to Kirstie Eleanor Design but at the same time is different. His model is looking sexy and cute at the same time. I really like the starts detail in the background and the dreamy eyes.

Illustration by: Muzenik


This fashion illustration brings an amazing summer vibe, it makes you feel like you’re in the jungle, surrounded by the beautiful nature. The artist used an interesting coloring technique for the skin. It seems simple and basic, but believe me, you need to know what you’re doing to color with bold flat color spots like this.

Illustration by: Fernandadiasgraphics


Different style than many illustrators. Big face, eyes, nose, and lips and two really cute and big ponytails. The whole illustration is made with warm, pastel colors. Do you notice the symmetry in the drawing? Some digital drawing apps like Clip Studio Paint have this magic mirror tool and you need to draw just half of the image.

Illustration by: Magical introvert


Cute and lovely fashion doll. The illustration is nice and simple, without a huge variety of shadows and lights. I love the choice of items that represent the zodiac sign.

Illustration by: jonuelsketch


This illustrator uses just two or three colors. The coloring technique has limited highlight (just the eyes) and it relies mostly onshadows. It’s simple but still gorgeous and it reminds me a bit of an Japanese anime character.

Illustration by: Anna Bressi


Strong, powerful, and beautiful body. Fashionable and gorgeous. There are many ways you can draw the body of your muse and she will still look like a fashion diva. If you wanna learn more about drawing different poses, click here.

Illustration by: El Carna


Some of you may recognize that this is Kim Taehyung from BTS and if you don’t know him yet, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with him now. Soft lights and shadows make the illustration super cool and interesting.

Illustration by: Tiny Thanh Truc


This illustration is so artistic! It reminds of the masterpiece illustrations of Alphonse Mucha with the flat colors, detailed hair and a sensual face.

Illustration by: Marina Miranova


This digital illustration looks so realistic. The girl looks just ike Barbie, so beautiful and cute. I think the face epression depicts the qualities of people born under this sign so well.

Illustration by: Cennet Hür

If you wanna continue watching more top-ranking go see my Top 21 food illustrations or the other Top articles. I hope you enjoyed this post and you found some new talented artists to follow on Instagram. Don’t foget to follow too and I’ll see you soon in the next article;)

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