Top 21 Fashion illustrations with Food

Food, Food and again FOOD! Everyone loves to eat. Some people like sweet food like chocolate, donuts, lollypops. Some people like healthy food like vegetables and fruits. Do you know what? Some people use food in their fashion sketches. See for yourself!

Top 21 Fashion illustrations with Food

More Chocolate

Every illustration is unique and different. And the chocolate here is soooo delicious again.

Illustration by: Edgar Artis


Don’t think that only chocolate can be used in fashion sketches. Here is something healthier but still delicious. Strawberries!

Illustration by: Edgar Artis

Raspberries and Blackberries

Another one but in a different pose. Such nice, soft and beautiful colors.

Illustration by: Edgar Artis

Emmental cheese

What do you think about this cheese dress? I love the design.

Illustration by: Edgar Artis


What? Pizza? You never thought about that , am I right? Yeah, the pizza can be a fashion illustration too.

Illustration by: Edgar Artis

Green salad front and back

The illustration below is so delicate and realistic. Kristina Webb have created a stunning dress design.

Illustration by: Kristina Webb

Peach and lemon dresses

Gretchen Roehrs draws figure that are simple and clean. She uses just a few lines for face, hands, and legs. If you want to learn how to draw legs in your fashion illustrations check my tutorial here or my online course on “How to Draw Feet

Illustration by: Gretchen Roehrs

Brussels sprout and orange

The illustrator is really selective in her drawings. Look at the shoes – simple triangles in front view and yet so pretty. Check out my “How to draw front view shoes” tutorial to learn how to draw like this.

Illustration by: Gretchen Roehrs

Green fantasy

So gorgeous! Like a girl from a Fairy tale.

Illustration by: Meredith Wing

Green salad in Paris

Green salad is a great inspiration for fashion drawings and designs. Meredith Wing definitely knows how to use it!

Illustration by: Meredith Wing

Cherry tomatoes

Another simple and colorful dress. Look at this cute cap!

Illustration by: Meredith Wing

French beans

Trousers? Yes, of course. It is so fashionable. Another gorgeous illustration by fashion illustrator Meredith Wing.

Illustration by: Meredith Wing

Spaghetti? Bella Italia

This illustration is so creative! The face is realistic and you can almost touch this hair. Wonderful! You will find dozens of tutorials on how to draw hair here and in my online course “How To Draw Hair“.

Illustration by: Kristina Webb

Peach. Lemon.

Another one – simple, beautiful and different clothe The illustrator uses just basic lines to draw the fashion figure.

Illustration by: Gretchen Roehrs


Just a few pieces of watermelon make a fashion illustration masterpiece. Beautiful!

Illustration by: Edgar Artis

Corn, biscuits and bananas

This cute drawing here looks like a tiny fashion show.

Illustration by: Gretchen Roehrs

More strawberries

One more illustration with strawberries by Edgar Artis. Other vision, different pose, and real food. Except for using food he uses color pencils to draw the body.

Illustration by:Edgar Artis

Peppers or zucchini

Pepper or zucchini? It doesn’t matter. Enjoy this fun illustration by Gretchen Roehrs.

Illustration by: Gretchen Roehrs

Fruits and vegetables

A strong army of girls dressed in healthy food.

Illustration by: Gretchen Roehrs


And let’s finish this top 20 with another Roehrs’ fashion illustration. I love the layers of the first dress!

Illustration by: Gretchen Roehrs

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