Autism Awareness


I love the opportunity to connect with creative people in my job as a fashion illustrator. What gives me even more joy when collaborating with them is when they stand behind a strong cause. My client Juanita contacted me with the request to draw a black girl with hands on her waist dressed in a red top and jeans. She wanted this image to be part of her Autism Awareness campaign so we added the autism puzzle pieces ribbon to the image as well. After she approved the rough draft I moved to coloring and recorded the process. I hop eyou enjoy watching it and if you need  a fashion illustrator  to bring your ideas to life don’t hesitate to get in touch – I love challenges !



Clip Studio Paint is my preferred digital drawing application. For the puzzle I downloaded from internet the original patter and tweaked the colors to match the illustration color scheme. Then I saved it as a pattern and applied it on the shoes and the ribbon.
I used my favorite graphic tablet Cintiq 13HD.


The illustration took me about 3.5 hours to finalize the fashion illustration.

Illustration_preview_small_by Teya Bozhilova

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