BGO Fan – Speed Painting


This is a time-lapsed video recording of my drawing process. My client designs clothes and accessories for sports teams and this is the image of a girl who goes to see the games live and al she wants is to be dressed in something cute and functional. My client was very specific that she wanted the model to wear her t-shirt design and her transparent bag design so I made sure that the pose and the styling of the girl highlight them. I have always said that it is crucial to know what you want when you commission a fashion illustrator.


As usual, I am working with my favorite drawing software Clip Studio Paint. I used the premade 3d cell phone that comes packed with the software and rotated it to the direction I needed and I also converted the logo of the GBO team into an asset to easily use it on both the t-shirt and the transparent bag.
All of my digital illustrations I create with graphic tablet by Wacom. My tablet is Cintiq 13HD.


It took me about 3.5 hours to complete this illustration from draft to full colored illustration. Here it is:

commissioned fashion illustration by Teya Bozhilova

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