Fashion Sketch Critique -Swimsuit Sketch #2

On June 20th Parichehr Nikkar won 3rd place in the fashion sketches contest titled “My Dream Swimsuit”. She received with over 330 votes for her beautiful designs.

The reward for the 2nd and 3rd place was an art critique and personalized tips on how to improve their drawings.

In this video you can see me commenting the illustration and making small improvements to make this artwork a better version of itself.

My main goal in this critique was to preserve the distinctive style of the artist and suggest only changes that go well with what she already does well.

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The changes that that were made:

Balance of the figures

All 4 figures were falling to the side. By adding a body Centerline I straightened the figures and the center of the collarbones now alignns with the inner ankle of the front foot.

Position of the knee

In front view walking pose the knee of the leg that’s further away stands lower. Don’t forget to add shadow to the calf of the leg that’s behind.


The hands did not look as refined as the rest of the figure. I suggested a quick and easy technique to draw hands for this pose.


Often times illustrators skip drawing the face because they simply lack the skills to draw it. As you know from my “How to draw faces faces” tutorial, there is a simple and easy way to give your model a beautiful face. In the video I am suggesting a different approach that goes better with the style of the artist. There is no formula for drawing faces. You need to develop a style that goes with the body proportions and coloring technique that you prefer.


There are many tricks to make an illustration look more finished. Adding a simple gray shadow underneath the figure is one of the easiest ones.


The models have some sort of airy quality that didn’t really go well with the realistic body proportions that are going on. To make them more grounded I suggest using a thicker outline made with a brush pen instead of leaving the original pencil lines.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and tips. If you want me to review your drawing too, shoot me an email :)

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