Fashion Sketch Critique -Swimsuit Sketch

On June 20th Amina Imtiaz won 2nd place in the fashion sketches contest titled “My Dream Swimsuit” with over 350 votes for her beautiful design.

The reward for the 2nd and 3rd place was an art critique and personalized tips on how to improve their drawings.

Today I am presenting you the video I did correcting Amira’s artwork and giving her advices on the small improvements that make a big difference in the end.

My main goal was to preseve her uniquesness as an artist and eliminate the mistakes.

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The lucky winner of the fashion contest in August will receive a FREE feedback video like this one.

The changes that were made:

Arms Length

The arms were way too long for this figure. The elbow should always hit the waistline and the hand reaches just a little bit under the crotch. I shortened both the straight and the bent arm.

Legs, Knees and Calves

The knees were missing in this illustration. I added them and also made the tights the same length. In general, the profile leg was not as long as the other leg, so I added length also to the calf.
No matter how skinny the model in your drawing is, she will always have some muscle. The calf can not be straight.


This is a mistake many young artists do. They start the legs right in the middle of the crotch. I fixed this and added just a little bit of volume to the side of the legs.


In side view the foot has a certain structure. We have toes, arch and a heel, which were missing in this drawing. You can learn more on how to draw side view shoes in this tutorial, which was one of the first tutorials I published.


The illustration was pale one- dimensional. I added simple basic shadows under the chin, breast and knees of the model, around her legs and arms.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and tips. If you want me to review your drawing too, shoot me an email :)

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