Floral Dress – Speed Drawing


This is a speed drawing video recording of one of my recent illustrations. My client Jazmin wanted to make a surprise gift for her girlfriend’s birthday and commissioned me to draw a fashion-style portrait of her friend. She had a specific floral dress, bag, and shoes in mind which I recreated. I have always said that it is crucial to know what you want when you commission a fashion illustrator -send a nice brief, send picture references, etc.  And of course, since this client was very specific what she wanted, the illustration turned out as expected to make her girlfriend happy!


As usual, I am working with my favorite drawing software Clip Studio Paint. For the flower pattern I used a tool only found in it. It is super easy to create any pattern – draw just a couple of the pattern elements and the program will do the rest. Magic!
I also work on a graphic tablet by Wacom. My tablet is Cintiq 13HD.


It took me about 3 hours to finalize the portrait taking it from initial sketch to final full colored illustration. Here it is:

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