Winter Mood


This one is a personal project. I am noticing how many illustrators have their signature drawing/coloring techniques. Although I believe that this is great – to have a signature style, I still use different styles in my work. In order to choose one style and stick with it, it needs to be quick and look polished. Also to be recognizable and unique. I went through my old illustrations and analyzed the ones that I still like even after many years. They all shared the same features:

I found an an old drawing of mine and started to recolor it following these rules.


I used my favorite drawing software Clip Studio Paint. This time I went with a flat technique for the model and a more artistic, sketchy background. I picked cool tones for her skin, hair, and outfit. Instead of choosing a contrast color for the background I went for tones that are in the same color family as the model – cool and light.


This illustration took me only around an hour and I am quite surprised that in such amount of time I get an illustration that I actually like.  I think that the quick execution time will make me stick to this technique for a while and who knows – maybe turn it into my signature style?

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