Easy Ways To Draw Pretty Faces [ SEP 30 ]

It’s Time For The Workshop!


What is the first thing we see in any fashion sketch? If you think it’s the dress- you’re wrong. The face is the #1 thing we notice in any drawing. It’s just human nature.

But what if you can’t draw faces? A blank face is a missed opportunity to show your design in the best light possible. A poorly drawn face can ruin your entire drawing. After all, nobody will pay attention to the amazing design you sketched if all they see is a strange nose and uneven eyes.

Drawing beautiful facial features doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, it is super easy and I will show you several beginner-friendly techniques that will save your life. During the live Zoom workshop we will discuss:

⭐ How to draw faces with the right proportions

⭐ How to draw your own signature face style

⭐Different ways to draw easy facial feature.

Join the workshop and see how your fashion drawings come to life with cure, pretty faces and correct proportions!.


Date: September 30, Thursday

Time: 1 PM (EST)

Duration: 60 min

Where: live ZOOM event

Recording: Recording of the event will NOT be available.

Registration: To attend the workshop
you must be a member of the I Draw Fashion Club. The “Join Workshop” button will be visible on this page for logged-in club members.

This Workshop is Available For
I Draw Fashion Club
Members Only!


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