The easiest way to draw hands

Drawing the hands of the model is a challenge not only for beginner fashion designers and illustrators but also for artists with more experience. My “How to Draw Hands” tutorial might have been helpful, but if you’re still struggling your problems end now. In this super easy to follow tutorial you will learn the easiest way to draw hands in your fashion sketches. This technique shows a natural hand position that works with most poses. Sounds good? Then grab your pencils and let’s start!

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 5min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 4/10

How to draw hands in 9 easy steps:

Step 1: Draw the back of the hand

Draw the arms of your model. Right at the level of the hips is the place where the arm ends and the hand begins. Mark the hand with a trapezoid that is wider at the bottom.


Step 2: Guideline for the thumb

Draw a second trapezoid that narrows down this time. The length of both shapes combined should be about half the length of the face.

The knuckles will be drawn right where the two trapezoids meet.


Step 3: Draw the thumb

Now follow the guidelines you just did and sketch the thumb. It should cover the whole length of the second trapezoid. The width is 1/3 of the knuckles line.


Step 4: Draw the index finger

Mark the index finger. Notice that it covers most of the remaining space in the knuckles area. The two lines should be equal in length and the lower one is slightly tilted towards the body.

Be carefull with the angle between the two lines. If you draw it too straight the hand will look stiff and unnatural.


Step 5: Finish the index finger

Sketch the rest of the index finger. Notice that the tip is rounded, not sharp.
The index finger should not appear wider than the thumb!


Step 6: Draw the wrist

Follow the guidelines and outline the back of the hand. Draw with secure lines.


Step 7: Add the remaining fingers

Of hand drawing is almost complete We only need to add the remaining 3 fingers that will partially show behind the index finger.
To do so, mark a tilted shape next to the index finger. Be careful not to make it too big.


Step 8: Other fingers

Divide the ellipse shape into 2 equal parts. Each part should be slightly thinner than the index finger. Add an additional slightly shorter shape to indicate the pinkie.


Step 9: Refine the wrist

Refine the outline of the wrist adding some realistic detail. The outside bone is protruding more and is placed higher than the inside one.

Don’t forget to shade lightly the fingers that show behind the index finger. This is how we show dimension.


Wasn’t he the easiest hand drawing tutorial ever? Let me know in the comments if your sketch was successful from the first time! If it was less than perfect, give it a second try – with a couple of times practicing I promise you will enjoy correctly drawn and graceful hands in your fashion illustrations.

Check out my How to Draw Hands course for many more hand positions explained step by step including how to draw a hand holding a bag, hands on the waist and more!

If you found this tutorial useful, check out my full course on ‘How to Draw Hands‘. It will show you all secrets on drawing beautiful hands!

The easiest way to draw hands 1 Fashion Croquis and Drawing Tutorials

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  1. Wow have been drawing figures since childhood, and arm and trapezoid were one way. now I know it has got a free style, love you for this tetorial will share this.

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