Draw plus size figures

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw plus size figures in your fashion sketches. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and plus-size models are a real inspiration for fashion designers with their beautiful curves and classic femininity. Bring some life to your fashion portfolio and always have fun!

Time, Tools and Difficulty:

Time to complete the tutorial: 10 min
Tools you’ll need: drawing paper, a pencil, and an eraser
Difficulty level: 8/10

How to draw plus size models in 10 steps:

Step 1: Figure dimensions

As in the “How to draw walking pose” tutorial start by marking how tall the croqui will be. You want to leave a little bit of space from the edges of the paper and pull a vertical Centerline.  Use a ruler and divide the Centerline into two equal parts.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 1

Step 2: Upper body guidelines

Divide the upper part of the body into 3 equal parts. Hipline, Waistline, and Shoulderline. The top section is where the head and the neck of your model will be drawn. Divide the top section’s bottom half in 2.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 2

Step 3: Draw the face and neck

You need to keep in mind that a plus-size model’s face shape will be more round compared to how you usually draw faces in fashion sketches. Draw a wide ellipse taking ¾ of the top section and add the neck in the last ¼. The Centerline stands right in the middle of the neck.

Notice where the curve if the neck is. Many aspiring artists make the mistake to draw the bulge higher. Keep the neck relatively straight and when it’s close to the shoulder line – draw this gentle curve.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 3

Step 4: Draw the breast and hips area

Under the shoulder, line draw two head size ellipses on each side of the Centerline. Add smaller circles that will help you draw the shoulders correctly.

When you draw plus size bodies everything is softer and more lush. This includes the shoulders that will be not high and straight but soft and sloping instead.

Next, draw 3 overlapping heads to mark how wide the hips of the figure will be. You can play and experiment with the width of the hips. Just make sure everything is symmetrical! The hips line should stand in the middle of all the 3 heads and that the Centerline parts the middle head in two.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 4

Step 5: Draw the silhouette

Draw the body silhouette by connecting the shapes from the previous step. Keep everything soft and lush. No angles, no straight lines. Plus size croquis has bigger breasts and hips but you can leave the waist relatively small if you like. Drawing the wait smaller than the head’s widest part will look unnatural – don’t go this far.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 5

Step 6: Draw the arms and legs guidelines

Erase all the unnecessary guidelines of the torso and continue with marking the placement of the arm and the legs. The left arm of the figure will be straight and the right arm- bent.
From the center of the little shoulder, circle pull down a line to the hips. Notice where this guideline ends.
For the bent arm find the middle of the waistline-to-hipline area. Mark it with a dot on the silhouette outline. Draw the bent arm using the tip below.

In order to find the right place for the elbow imagine a triangle with 3 equal sides. Side 1: Shoulder-wrist. Side 2: Wrist-elbow. Side 3: Elbow-shoulder.

On the Centerline mark the figure bottom half’s middle. Above will be placed the tights and the knees and below- the calves and the feet. To find where the legs of the model are crossing divide the calves and feet area in two.
Next, pull centerlines for each leg. Notice that these centerlines start in the middle of the distance Centerline- hips outline.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 6

Step 7: Draw the arms and knees

Drawing soft curves mark the front leg ankle and both leg’s knees. Notice the placement of the knees! They should not be drawn too high nor too low.

Now is time to add some flesh to the arms. Unlike what you know from “How to draw arms” tutorial the plus size figure won’t have stick thick arms. They are much more fleshy.
Draw the hands of your muse and keep in mind the proportions. Fashion sketches look better if the hands are graceful. Check out the “How to draw hands” tutorial to learn how to draw hands positions from your imagination.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 7

Step 8: Draw the legs

Draw the flesh of the tights and the calves. Keep them soft and curvy. Draw a horizontal ellipse to mark the toes and hide the right foot behind the left one.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 8

Step 9: Add more details

Make sure you have erased all the unnecessary guidelines at this point and continue with adding the details. Plus-size bodies are less bony so avoid the hard straight lines. You want to emphasize the size of the breast and maybe draw some tummy.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 9

Step 10: Final touches

Now that you have your plus size figure completed it’s time to add the face features, hair and of course put on some fashion clothes.

How to draw plus size fashion figure step 10

Drawing fashion sketches doesn’t mean you need to stick to the classic looking croquis. You can have beautiful plus size croquis and create fashion for real women if you like. I hope this tutorial on how to draw plus size figures inspired you for new designs and more creativity!


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  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m starting from no drawing experience and now I have a great croquis for my design class:)
    Cant believe people are bitching about this not being “plus sized”, I think its a very realistic and beautiful figure you have provided for FREE.
    Thanks again!

  2. Being plus-size is not insult, it’s just a way to describe. You’re just assuming being fat is a bad thing, like an insult, when it truly is not. I’m not ashamed of being fat, or plus-size, o whatever you wanna call it. Plus-size models are just as beautiful as any other model and changing their profesion’s name won’t change that.

  3. Loving this!!! Thank you!! I recently found this beautiful model, Paris, on posespace.com and this tutorial was exactly what I needed to start drawing her amazing poses. Thanks!

  4. This is great – but assumes that plus size women all still have the hour-glass figure and carry the extra flesh in their hips and thighs. Could you do one for women who carry the extra flesh around their middles please?

  5. Sorry, but can you make a post on how the “plus-size” is really just a women that is normal, and “plus-size” is just a specific name to describe their body type? I do really like your stuff, but I think that’s just kind of insulting to bigger women. Not just with you, but the WHOLE fashion industry. I am not meaning to be insulting to you, but I think maybe we could change the whole, “plus-size” thing by just saying normal women.

    Thank you for regarding this comment, I have found many of your posts useful, but kind of ticked about this one’s name.

    P.S. Don’t get mad!

  6. Thank you, My text books only show techniques for slim figures and does not address adapting for plus size. I have spent a lot of time looking for a plus size croquis to use for flats, all I could fine were fashion poses. Your tutorials have given me enough information to draw my own and modify the ones I have. My text books only show techniques for slim figures and does not address adapting for plus size. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. Thank you so much Teya.. i have been learning on paper pattern making, and really wanted to be able to draw fashion design. and this site is my inspiration and really help me through hard curves and after only 2 hours, i have improved so much. can’t thank you enough Teya. Thank youuuuuu… <3

  8. Teya, you are wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so happy to have discovered your site. WOW.

  9. Thank you for your comment, Emma! I am glad the tutorial have helped and inspired you :) I am definitely thinking of making a book. Not sure if an e-book or a paper one but the answer to your questions is : SOON :)


  10. What a fab tutorial! I haven’t done any drawing for years but within about 10 minutes had drawn a passable female figure. I need to go back and try your other tutorials on standard fashion figures, arms, faces etc, then come back and try the luscious plus sized beauty. Are you thinking of publishing these tutorials as a book? Because I would buy it. xxx

  11. Your tutorials are very good & have helped me a lot, it would be a good idea to make a tutorial about jewelry :). By the way, cannot I buy the e-book but to have it pshysically?

  12. You can start from any tutorial that seams interesting to you. I would probably start from the body tutorials and then go to drawing different textiles, folds and coloring techniques. Just have fun :)


  13. I have just started and finished my first plus size models it was fun and accomplishing… you are an awesome teacher…. I would like a to know which tutorial should I start learning from…. love Inspired Cherryann

  14. This tutorial has really opened up my eyes to how beautiful plus size models are, can’t wait to try this out. Thanks so much!

  15. I might have to draw this and see how it look in Anime form. Will link back to this tutorial if you want me to.

  16. Hey Teya! I’ve noticed that in this tutorial picture and in the “How to Draw Fashion Eyes” tutorial, you have very elaborate flower crowns in both. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial specifically for flowers and how to arrange them. Thanks!
    Ever grateful,

  17. would love this too, im a designer for plus size but recently we’ve been thinking of maternity, please if you could do this than it’ll be easier for me as i’ve never done proportions for maternity

  18. hi sweet, I design for pregnancies… if I may beg you to make template for pregnant lady? Thanx a lot

  19. Oh,thank you Teya!Anyway,love your tutorials.Your fashion face tutorial,shoes tutorial and this one helped me improve my designs!Thanks again :) :lol:

  20. This is really good and inspiring. Been reading your blog for three weeks now and seriously… I have improved! Thank u

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