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How to draw chains


Accessories are very essential when drawing a fashion sketch. They are able to completely change the feel of your design and bring uniqueness to it. In this step by step …

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How to draw sunglasses

how to draw sunglasses tutorial

Learning how to draw sunglasses will definitely bring your fashion sketches to a new level. Sunglasses don’t only give the drawing a sense of style and class, but also show …

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How to draw a bag


Drawing the proper fashion accessories will bring life and style to your designs. Always make sure that you think of the best possible presentation of the clothes you are creating …

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How to draw a zipper

how to draw a zipper tutorial cover

Learning how to draw a zipper will help you improve the impact of your fashion sketches. The clothes that you’re drawing will look more realistic and you will have the …

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How to draw a crown

how to draw a crown stepby step tutorial cover

This “how to draw a crown” tutorial will teach you a quick technique to draw this beautiful head accessory. Your fashion illustrations will become flirty and royal looking in few …

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How to draw a belt

how to draw a belt tutorial step by step cover

Learn how to draw a belt step-by-step tutorial. Fashion accessories like proper bags, shoes, belts and jewelries can make or break your sketch. Understanding how to draw accessories will open …

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