Top 20 Disney Fashion illustrations

Every girl likes Disney. Disney animations and characters are always cute and lovely. Don’t think that this Top 20 illustrations will show you the charming princesses. Nope, you will see modern fashion princesses in the 21st century.

Top 20 Disney Fashion illustrations by:

Lena Antipina

Big eyes, cute nose, big smile, and soft colors. This illustrator makes the princesses look like witches and cartoon animations.

Illustration by: Lena Antipina

Alena Kaffa

Here you can see some book style illustrations . And these lovely Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella! It looks like they came out from books with pastel soft colors. But here you can learn how to draw with color pencils.

Illustration by: Alena Kaffa

Helen Morgun

Realistic – this is the exact word for Morgun’s fashion illustrations. Elegant colors, delicate shadows and lights, sexy look, beautiful hair. They are like actresses from movies.

Illustration by: Helen Morgun

Kira Rawart

21st-century princesses with modern clothes. What do you think about these classy ladies? I think they look so fashionable. Especially with these cute bags. To learn how to draw bags in your fashion sketches check this tutorial: How to draw a bag.

Illustration by: Kira Rawart

Jonuel sketch

Long slim body, inspiring look and beautiful hands. This illustrator makes them magic and classy, perfect for awards night.

Illustration by: Jonuel sketch

Christian Salvador

Gorgeous, beautiful, powerful, and sexy. Amazing colors, lights, shadows, outlines, and brilliance. Even the villains are awesome!

Illustration by: Christian Salvador

Fanny Traas

Cute, with pretty look, big eyes, and red lips. The colors are clear with 2 or 3 shadows and some outlines. Mulan is an amazing and beautiful princess.

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Illustration by: Fanny Traas

Darko Dordevic

These illustrations look like they are made on paper with pencils. He makes so interesting effects.

Illustration by: Darko Dordevic


The colors in these illustrations are pastel and soft. This Korean fashion illustrator has such a different style than the others. His bodies are looking perfect and the eyes are so nice.

Illustration by: Kimstar


Like a real Disney princess from the movies. Outline, one color for the base and some light. So fairy.

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Illustration by: Myrthena


Amazing! This is maybe one of my favorite fashion illustrators. The Disney princesses are so cool, nice and good looking.

Illustration by: Carlos

Margot Denise

Princesses from 18th with big dresses and so much silk and lace. Look at their hairs – typical French Rokoko. The differences here are the movement of the clothes and the body.

Illustration by: Margot Denise

Oh, these wonderful princesses! Do you want to draw beautiful like that? To draw silk and satin or how to draw chiffon? Go check my clothing tutorials, and if you want to see another top rankings post, visit: and enjoy it!

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  1. Hey, you can just email me your webpage.
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    When I research artists for the next article yours might be included, but there is no guarantee.

  2. The Jonuel Sketch is an awesome modern interpretation of the characters. They wouldn’t be out of place in Paris during Fashion Week.

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